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Vendor Spotlight: Enduring Pools & Outdoors

Vendor Spotlight: Enduring Pools and Outdoors

ENDURING, SUSTAINABLE, and LUXURY are three words to describe the extraordinary work of Trey Joyner and Matt Sears at Enduring Pools and Outdoors located in Chattanooga, TN. 

Enduring Pools and Outdoors is our team’s first vendor spotlight and one that sets the bar high for the ones who follow.  

Our team talked to Trey Joyner, the Principal Partner at this local luxury pool company and asked him a series of questions getting down to the mission, values, intentions, and motivation behind Enduring Pools and Outdoors.

Check it out!

LEFT: Trey Joyner RIGHT: Matt Sears

1. When and why did Enduring Pools & Outdoors begin?  

“Enduring Pools and Outdoors officially began in January of this year, 2021. After a couple of years of research and preparation, Trey Joyner partnered with Matt Sears of Haskel Sears Design and Construction to solve a common problem with pools and spas: ongoing maintenance and limited longevity of homeowners’ investments. Unlike other materials, stainless steel (and copper) vessels are guaranteed to not leak, blister, or crack, and they are backed by the manufacturer with a 25-year warranty.”

2. What are three words to describe your brand and why? 

Enduring. Sustainable. Luxury. Enduring because our stainless steel and copper vessels last a lifetime.

Sustainable because stainless steel and copper materials are completely recyclable, because we salvage and reuse existing materials whenever possible, and because we spend a fraction of the time installing our pools and spas comparatively.

Luxury because the highest quality materials and experienced contractors are not cheap though a higher value.”

3. What do you think is the most special quality about this company?

“In partnership with Haskel-Sears Design and Construction, our reputation and expectations of craftsmanship, sustainability, and enduring beauty are uncompromised in our new joint venture. Enduring Pools meets the needs of clients that value both the highest quality materials and highest quality construction. I have never regretted paying more for better quality products that last longer and have higher value returns on my investment, whether it be a pair of jeans or shoes or the newest technology, so why would we want less from an outdoor renovation that will host countless memories with family and friends?”

4. What is your mission?

“We want to focus our energy on quality construction and personal relationships with clients. I absolutely love meeting new people and working side-by-side with them to accomplish a dream project that they’ll never regret and enjoy for generations. We are passionate about designing and building with the end goal of satisfying the client’s desires and holding true to our word. Homeowners may start out as our clients, but we grow into a lasting friendship over the course of each project.”

5. What are the benefits of stainless steel and copper pools/spas opposed to other materials?

Lighter. Stainless steel and copper are roughly a fourth of the weight as a concrete pool or spa of the same size which means that they can be placed on rooftops, cantilevered off of balconies, or set on pilings instead of creating a concrete vault.

Faster. Stainless steel and copper pools and spas can be installed in as few as 1 to 2 weeks depending on the scope of the project. Our newest product, the MPool (modern pool), can be manufactured and delivered in 4 to 6 weeks after the contract is signed and the deposit is made, and we can begin our installation process at that time.

Stronger. The strength-to-weight ratio of stainless steel and copper is unmatched which is why they have been the material of choice in commercial projects, like hotels, casinos, and condos around the world, over the past four decades.

Precision. Our manufacturers have teams of engineers that ensure the vessel is fabricated to the exact dimensions specified. We work with our design team and local engineering firms to ensure each project will indeed last a lifetime of enjoyment.”

6. How do you see your business growing?

“We want to grow slowly but steadily by selecting the best clients that share our values. Enduring Pools and Outdoors is focused on serving clients within a 45-mile radius of Chattanooga, but we are already fielding interested clients in Northern Atlanta, Southern Nashville, and Eastern Birmingham. We will hire as needed to continue our focus on owner relationships and quality craftsmanship; these are two focal points that we will not risk compromising by growing too fast. As with our material selections, we are building a company that will endure the test of time.”

7. What do you like most about having a business in the Chattanooga community?

“Chattanooga is the perfect location for our new business. It is ideally located, nearly equidistant to major cities: Nashville, Knoxville, Atlanta, Birmingham, and Huntsville. Our mountainous and waterfront region is also perfect for vessels that are made to endure the shifting landscape, challenging topography, and waterfront properties without risk of cracks or leaks. Our growing area is home to people that care about sustainability and quality as well as placing a high value on time outdoors with family and friends. Chattanooga is also home, and there’s no better place to live and no better community to serve.”

8. What makes Enduring Pools different from other luxury pool companies?

“There are many tremendous pool companies in the Chattanooga area. Several have been doing a fantastic job for decades. We are unique in our material selections and sustainability, and we want to stand out with our personal relationships with clients and commitment to integrity.”

9. What is your proudest project you have completed for a client?

“We have several projects in the works. Two, in particular, are major projects that will be magazine-worthy, but as a new company, we are still getting this new product launched to homeowners. We respect our clients’ privacy, and we prefer not to disclose their information without their permission. Our photos are of projects from our manufacturer of which I was able to observe and learn from over the last couple of years of preparation and research.”

10. Additionally, is there anything you would like to say to the community about yourself or your business?

“After nearly 20 years of serving as a teacher and working in construction during the summers and on the side, I decided to follow my passion for building and use my interpersonal skills and love for people to design amazing projects with homeowners. I partnered with one of the most skilled craftsmen and general contractors in Chattanooga, Matt Sears of Haskel Sears Design, to develop a business plan. Matt has decades of experience in the industry with a multitude of iconic projects in Chattanooga, Nashville, and beyond. Together, we make a perfect team—both of us are focused on providing the absolute best service, never sacrificing quality, and creating unique projects that endure a lifetime.” 

Our team proudly endorses the talented and creative people at Enduring Pools and Outdoors

It is evident from their answers in this interview that Joyner and Sears have a clear vision and are eagerly expressive about giving excellent service to their customers. 

In the many years of real estate we have under our belt, our team has worked with an array of vendors. We have ultimately found that authentic passion for a company’s mission and craft may be the purest and most concrete element of success in a business. Passion is most definitely a quality of Enduring Pools and Outdoors. 

If you are in search of a luxury pool or spa, we recommend contacting the employees of Enduring Pools and Outdoors for skillful, quality, and exceptional work!

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