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Creating Your Own Home Makeover

Creating Your Own Home Makeover

By Dawn D Totty Interior Designs


Sometimes the very thought of redesigning, or taking on a home makeover, can be very overwhelming! Many of my clients ask “they’re so many decisions to make…. where do I begin….help?? Well my answer is sweet & simple, start at the very point where all of your friends, family and passers by see first, your curb appeal!

Consider… many will never see the interior of your home, so making a good impression from the street sends the message, if the exterior looks this good, I can only imagine what they have done with the inside. Not only will your friends and neighbors appreciate it, you too will reap the benefits every time you return home. The day will come when your home will be placed on the market and it will be well known that it has been carefully maintained throughout your residing in it.

Illustration 1: THE AFTER

Here Are A Few Of My Top Home Makeover Tips & Tricks!!

We designers call the front entry “The mouth of the house” it should be easily identifiable with a fresh coat of paint always a different color from the rest of the home. Don’t be shy use a colorful shade as it is only a small area of your exterior and remember, we want everyone to be clear on which door the should actually enter into and besides, this is a fun way to express yourself, just avoid overly bright colors and neon tones. 

Our entry is the second impression on all who enter the space, make it count! 

Statistics show that within 5 seconds, every guest will form an opinion of what they see, the good, the bad and the ugly.

Foyers should be as well lite as possible and uncluttered. Invest in one or two beautiful light fixtures to create an immediate wow factor response, it sets the tone for the entire interior! Wall sconces, pendants and chandeliers will ad a touch of charm to your homes entrance and far surpass the look of a recessed light. 

Our Kitchen truly is the heart of the home and should be light, bright & functional.

A full blown kitchen renovation may not always be necessary or in the budget so do what I call a mini makeover.

Here Are My Best Tips & Tricks For A Trending Kitchen-

1- Give your cabinets a face-lift with fresh paint! Please be sure to thoroughly clean with TSP & hot water, dry well, lightly sand, prime and use 3 coats of cabinet/furniture grade paint my favorite paint products are-  By using a light shade on the uppers the space will  blend nicely with your ceiling and create a seamless appearance. A darker color on your lower cabinets and or island will ad a little contrast and drama and are easier to maintain.

2- Change out your light fixtures for maximum wow factor. Light fixtures are the biggest and best way to bring a little or a lot of personality into any space! Think of your lighting as the jewelry to the design. Check out one of my favorite online sources, houzz they have many brands to choose from- 

3- An area rug or a runner can transform an older floor or even compliment a new one!  Ruggable has quite a few fun options, they are machine washable and wear well. Be sure to measure the space well prior to ordering to be certain of the correct sizing.


Kitchen Renovation & Design By- Dawn D Totty Interior Designs 

To Schedule A Commercial Or Residential Design Consultation- 615 339 9919  

Living rooms are just that, a well lived in space! Every family has their own specific needs and routines and require different uses of their living space. Some folks like to just curl up & read, others may love a good party every now and then! Once we identify our own personal needs, likes and design style it is so much easier on the selection and buying process not to mention furniture placement…so important. Here is an example of a space perfectly designed for a husband and wife that love a pretty, relaxed space, one they can take their shoes off and lounge on this sweet day bed with a comfy therapeutic mattress & Belgian linens. We implemented all of the things they love, a mural featuring their favorite hobby, bird watching, a light color palette and plants. Make a list of things you enjoy & create a unique and custom space. Make it a point to shop in local Mom & Pop shops for fun one of a kind finds. One of my fav’s is-

The Before

 We have so enjoyed sharing our pro designer tips with our friends from –

Elizabeth Moyer Homes and Design / Keller Williams

A Real Estate company we respect and highly recommend.

Give us a call if you need a home designed or staged and Elizabeth will buy or sell it!!!

My Very Best To You,

Dawn D Totty

Owner of Dawn D Totty Interior Designs

Winner of The 2020 Best Of The Best Interior Designer In Chattanooga

5 Year Winner On Houzz Of Top Designer Out Of 4,000 within the Chattanooga areas.

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